Key indicators of sustainable development



12 mln RUB

expenses for the protection of the environment (land resources) from production and consumption wastes

103 tons

of waste were transferred to special enterprises for neutralization

3,720 tons

of waste transferred to special enterprises for utilization


bird protection devices installed at power grid facilities



228 mln RUB

spending on social projects

Grid connection for:

47 sports and health facilities
23 medical institutions
10 secondary schools
25 preschool educational institutions
8 students

are included in the scholarship support program

82 mln RUB

R&D costs


procurements from small and medium businesses



300 mln RUB

occupational safety expenses

32 mln RUB

training costs

82,748 RUB

average salary/wage (production personnel)


share of female leaders


share of women in the total number of employees of the Company

44.1 years

average age of the Company's employees



35,222 MVA

installed capacity

0.447 hours

average duration of power outage (Saidi)

0.318 pcs.

average power outage frequency (Saifi)


* Data for FY 2022.