Social Responsibility

Private Pension Program (PPP)

The Rosseti Lenenergo’s private pension program (PPP) consists of two major pension plans:

• a corporate plan;
• a parity plan.

The corporate plan includes a ‘Support’ program, which allows Lenenergo to provide a PPP for certain categories of employees at the company’s expense.

The parity plan – is a kind of PPP which entails both an employee and a company or the employee, company, and government to providing the pension in certain percentages and according to certain rules.

The parity plan consists of the following programs:

• A joint PPP funding program by the «Rosseti Lenenergo», PJSC and an employee;
• Joint funding.

The employer’s obligations to pay pensions are secured by Private Pension Fund reserves created by the employer's pension contributions. The size of pension contributions is determined by the Private Pension Funding Program for Rosseti Lenenergo’s employees of 2010, approved by Rosseti Lenenergo’s Board of Directors. (Minutes of 06.02.2010 № 21).


Lenenergo provides the following insurance options: 

  • employee voluntary medical insurance;
  • mandatory insurance against industrial accidents and occupational diseases for employees.


In 2010 «Rosseti Lenenergo», PJSC developed mentoring regulations. A mentoring system helps to combine young professionals’ theoretical knowledge with working experts’ practical skills. The list of mentors is approved annually. Mentors are employees with a high level of professional performance who have worked with Rosseti Lenenergo for at least 3 years. Mentors’ job include: expert, master, department head, supervisor or category V worker (and not below). Each mentor receives a monthly bonus.

The Collective Agreement

In accordance with the Collective Agreement, Rosseti Lenenergo’s employees receive the following benefits and compensation: 

  • a one-time maternity leave payment;
  • a one-time payment upon registration of marriage;
  • anniversary bonus;
  • partial reimbursement of electric and thermal energy utility expenses for all of Lenenergo’s employees;
  • reimbursement of expenses associated with the burial of deceased employees of Lenenergo;
  • other payments.