About the company

«Rosseti Lenenergo» is one of the largest and oldest distribution grid companies in Russia. Since 2005, as the result of reforms in the power sector, «Rosseti Lenenergo» main functions are the power transmission over 110-0.4-kV networks and connection of consumers to power grid on the territory of Saint Petersburg and the Leningrad Region. Today, the Company sets itself two general goals: reliable, high-quality power supply to consumers and operative, non-discriminatory grid connection.

Company priorities are improving corporate governance, attracting large-scale investments in the construction and reconstruction of power grid facilities to unsure the advanced energy complex development in relation to economic growth and reliable power supply to Saint Petersburg and the Leningrad Region.

Our main production tasks are improving the quality of operational, repair and overhaul of equipment, reducing technological breakdowns in 6-110-kV networks and reducing the average duration of elimination of technological violations.

The Company intellectual and technological potential makes it possible to intensify the use of new technologies and technical solutions in the production equipment operation including the modern diagnostic tools using.

Another important area of Company activity is improving grid connection. The goal is to make this process understandable and transparent for consumers and to reduce processing time. For this purpose, the Company develops standard solutions for grid connection problems, automates processes and creates interactive services for consumers. At the same time, the Company introduces modern IT systems allowing to plan, analyze and optimize the power grid complex operation. To fulfill all grid connection commitments the Company implements programs aimed at reducing the number of power grids nodes with a power shortage.

«Rosseti Lenenergo» pays priority to improving the efficiency of financial and economic activities, including more rational use of resources. A modern company should be focused on the minimum economically justified costs. At the same time, the costs of wages, amortization, repairs and taxes remain protected expenditure. In this context, our top priority task is the implementation of «Rosseti Lenenergo» investment program, the search for ways to attract non-tariff sources of funding. Also, special attention is paid to the organizing transparent work with contractors and monitoring the progress of construction work.