Sustainable Development

Rosseti Lenenergo understands sustainable development as meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs, which is based on a balanced understanding of the economic, social and environmental consequences of the Company’s operations for the whole society.

As power transmission and grid connection services provider in Saint Petersburg and the Leningrad Region, Rosseti Lenenergo supports everyday life and development across economic sectors in the Russia’s North-West region. Rosseti Lenenergo understands its responsibility toward the nation and its people and so consistently implements the sustainable development principles as part of its operational and management processes.

The cornerstone of the Company’s approach to sustainable development is continuous interaction with stakeholders and comprehensive assessment of its impact on the economy, environment and society.

Rosseti Lenenergo’s priority areas for sustainable development include:

  • Improving the reliability, quality and accessibility of power supply to customers

  • Forming and enhancing the electric grid infrastructure meeting the operating region’s needs

  • Growing the Company’s potential in terms of research and innovation and contributing to driving innovation in the electricity industry overall digital transformation

  • Talent management and workforce development

  • Boosting the Company’s investment appeal, strengthening reputation and improving stakeholder relations/operations

Plans to improve the sustainability management system:

1. Sustainable and consistent development of the key elements of the Company’s corporate governance system

2. Efficient risk management

3. Regular and timely workforce advanced training and upskilling

4. Anti-crisis action to keep the Company financially stable