Information on Inheritance of Shares

Registration of title to shares, as well as to other heritable property, is carried out in accordance with existing legal norms.

To qualify for the inheritance of shares of «Rosseti Lenenergo», PJSC:

  • if less than six months have passed after the death of the owner of shares, you should apply to a notary
  • if more than six months have passed, you should apply to the courts of the place of residence of the shareholder (the testator), and to obtain a Certificate of right to inherit the shares and dividends under the law, or a court decision.

The notary (judge) should send a query about the number of shares and the amount of dividends on the account of the testator on the place of registration of shares (JSC «IRC - R.O.S.T.» Registrar). Be aware that the request is made on a special form and is written in Russian. The notary (judge) must specify in the request a full name, name, patronymic, address and other available data that identify a shareholder in the register, the number of hereditary case. The signature on the request must be certified by a round stamp.

In accordance with the decision of the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders «Rosseti Lenenergo», PJSC was reorganized by allocating the following joint-stock companies:

  • JSC Petersburg Generating Company (from 01.11.2006 - a member of JSC Territorial Generation Company #1)
  • JSC North-West Power Management Company
  • JSC Petersburg Retail Company
  • JSC Petersburg Trunk Grids (from 17.12.2007 - a member of JSC FGC UES)

Inquiries about the number of shares of newly formed companies, owned by the testator, must also be sent to JSC «IRC - R.O.S.T.» Registrar. Please note that these requests can be processed by one letter.

After receiving the information on request the notary draws up the Certificate of right to inherit the shares and dividends under the law, and the judge makes a corresponding decision of the court.

Then the heir must report to the registrar JSC «IRC - R.O.S.T.» Registrar, with a passport and an original or a notarized copy of the Certificate.

Documents, including certified copies of the questionnaire of the registered person and the passport (in accordance with the internal rules of JSC «IRC - R.O.S.T.» Registrar) must be given to the registrar personally or through an authorized representative (i.e., by giving your authorized representative the power of attorney with the right of providing these documents the registrar). When you address the registrar you should have a real proof of identity.

In the event that the testator has a few heirs, please specify a more detailed information about procedures on inheritance of shares in the Company's registrar by tel. +7 (812) 320-67-36.

In the absence of the heir's account in the register of shareholders, he/she must provide the documents required to open an account.

Registrar's registry entry on the transition of ownership of securities as a result of inheritance is made within 3 days from the date of receipt of documents.

Information about the cost of this operation is available on the website of JSC «IRC - R.O.S.T.» Registrar at