Committee for Reliability

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The main task of the Committee is developing and providing recommendations (opinions) to the Board of Directors and the Company's executive body on the following range of issues:

  • definition of strategic goals of the Company;
  • assessment of investment programs and plans on the power facilities repairs, analysis of their feasibility from the viewpoint of ensuring requirements of the overall reliability;
  • assessment of measures introduced after accidents and major technological infringements, and monitoring of their implementation;
  • monitoring and assessment of activities of the Company's technical services in part of:
  • ensuring complex reliability of network equipment and facilities;
  • ensuring normal state of fixed assets and provision of information on predictable reliability risks of their operation;
  • analysis of actions on the fulfillment of contractual and economical mechanisms of the reliability management;
  • quarterly reports to the Company’s Board of Directors on the state of main power facilities of the Company.