Cable Grid

Lenenergo’s Cable Grid Branch is one of the largest networks providing power transmission services in the city of Saint Petersburg. 

General information:

  • PJSC Lenenergo’s Cable Grid Branch 
  • Nine regions: Zapadniy, Severniy, Vostochniy, Ostrovnoy, Zentralniy, Pravoberezhniy, Nevskiy, Yuzhniy and Vysokovoltniy. 
  • Service area: 600 square kilometers, Saint Petersburg 
  • Service population: 4,848,700 people 
  • Large energy consumers: 95 per cent of the city’s residential buildings, large industrial complexes, and social and cultural organizations 
  • Large communities: Saint Petersburg 
  • Branch Director: Nikolai Georgievich Stefanovich

Facts and figures:

  • full-time staff is 1546 people 
  • cable lines 0.4–110 kV (in km) is 17171 
  • transformer substations – 6486 
  • total transformer capacity (in MVA) – 5307

Customer Service Centers

  • Project Approval Service of the Lenenergo Cable Grid Branch

Address: Saint Petersburg, Sinopskaya Naberezhnaya 60-62

Historical Background: 

  • The history of the Cable Grid began on December 30, 1883, when the first 32 lanterns between the Admiralty Bridge and Anichkov Bridge were lit. The power plant that supplied the lanterns with power was located on a wooden barge moored to the shore of the Moika River at the Police Bridge. 
  • By the early 1920s, there were some 1,000 kilometers of high- voltage, three-phase current lines, 800 kilometers of single-phase current lines, and 280 miles of low voltage lines in Saint Petersburg. 
  • In 1926, a 71-kilometer-long 35-kV cable ring was put into operation. 
  • In 1931, the country's first underwater 35-kV cable line was laid across the Gulf of Finland. 
  • In 1980, the first automated dispatch control system was introduced.

The Integrated Documentation Center of the Cable Grid Branch

Single Document Center

BRANCH PUBLIC JOINT STOCK COMPANY Electricity and Electrification "Lenenergo", OJSC "Cable Network" (ETSD COP)

In our center you can:

1. Order the issuance of the initial data for the projects in service of the COP for the design or development of working documentation, performed as part of your work.

2. To hand over the documentation to be agreed in the Constitutional Court at the request of third parties or on the basis of the current legal provisions:

- Make a request for the grant (if necessary) the technical conditions for the organization of electricity metering unit

- To pass on the harmonization of working documents of external power supply (fill in the blank sample)

- To agree on a project working papers or placement of temporary and permanent buildings, structures, communication, fences, driveways, roads and facilities not related to construction and excavation work.

- To pass on its own initiative on the harmonization of the project power for its compliance with the technical conditions for grid connection, if necessary, provided the current legislation.

ETSD KS is located in the central office COP at:

St. Petersburg, Sinopskaya Naberezhnaya 60-62 , 1st floor lobby.

Project coordination service (SSP) office 101

Reception and delivery of working and design documentation carried out in certain hours of the Order on the enterprise strictly by appointment and on the basis of a power of attorney from the organization - Applicant:

Admission: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday - 9.00 - 12.00

Issue: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday - 13.30 - 16.30

Pre-registration is made by the Applicant in person or by phone service.

Information on the availability of external opinions on draft power and coordination of the project not related to the electric power grid is given by the applicant personally incoming number of Cable network (CS / 033 ... from the date of filing.) By phone:

Phones ETSD COP:
(812) 385-16-61, (812) 385-16-63 (multichannel)

Phone: (812) 385-16-64

On Friday, receiving and issuing no internal work.

Reception and delivery of documents on the execution of financial commitments made in the reception hours and on the basis of a power of attorney from the organization - payer:

Tuesday, Thursday - 15.00 - 16.00

Telephone / fax for information about the performance of financial obligations

the parties to the jurisdiction of the Constitutional Court ETSD: (812) 385-16-62.

The term of consideration of the application 23 working days from the date of receipt of funds at the expense of the artist.

Basic requirements for the content of documentation to be agreed in the branch of PJSC "Lenenergo", OJSC "Cable network".

Projects and working documentation of underground and surface facilities, as well as the electrical part of the network facilities are made in paper form and in electronic form in accordance with the requirements of the electronic versions.

All requests for consultation documents are processed on a reimbursable basis. Exceptions are projects being developed in the interests and at the expense of PJSC "Lenenergo", as well as activities carried out by the Applicant, service agreement, which are included in the tariff for technological connection and, if necessary, provided by the current legislation.

Background information and document management services for transport and metering of electricity for the COP:

- Harmonization of the internal power supply projects in the cross-section of the metering section and power supply

- Act registration acceptance (approval) of calculated power account funds for the new accession

- Registration book of the Acts and operational responsibility given by phone services implementation services and power account:

Phone / Fax: (812) 385-16-86.

Please note the change of work on reception of documentation, namely, an application for:

- Coordination of a subscriber unit of electricity accounting

- Harmonization of the internal power supply projects of the section Accounting and power supply section

- Registration Act of Acceptance (tolerance) computational means electricity metering

- Registration book of the Acts and operational responsibility for new and existing connection

Accepted at the Centre for work with clients and the accession of PJSC "Lenenergo" at the address: St. Petersburg, ul. Krasnogo Tekstilshika, d. 10-12, lit. O

Appeals agreed planning projects and land survey projects of building made in the service of development of electric distribution grids of 6-20 kV of PJSC "Lenenergo" through the office or in the cab. 311, phone: 494-37-30, 494-36-06, 494-37-30